Designing the Journey

There are tremendous and wide spread misconceptions about innovation: what is it, how can it be utilized, and most importantly how to measure its return on investment. At iGNITIATE we are innovation, strategy, product design and engineering experts. Each of our internationally educated and proven team members has at the minimum 15 years experience in assisting international firms first to understand what is innovation and and then with absolute specificity designing and engineering new products, and new services, which guarantee a return on investment.

We are innovation and new product design and development change agents. iGNITIATE focuses on uncovering R&D and disruptive design possibilities inside and outside your firm and then applying design thinking and new product design and engineering services to bring what has been uncovered to light and with a healthy return on investment. We do this through:

Physical product, engineering and packaging design services.
Ethnographic and expert user analysis to determine new product development market acceptance efforts.
Primary & secondary market research to determine market entry points for innovation development efforts.
Utilizing past Intellectual Property and creating a future Intellectual Property Pipeline for protecting innovations.
Mapping a disruptive design model tailored for your organization for new product launch efforrts.
Assessing the risks and enumerating the necessary targets to create an internal innovation pipeline in your organization.
Training owners, board members, senior management & staff on what is the science of innovation, and how to exploit it.

To Learn how iGNITIATE's proven track record and international successes can benefit your firm, begin by Designing The Journey thus Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goals allowing you to be part of Our Succcess With Design & Innovation all simply by Contacting Us.


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